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Well 1st off let me apologize for the time gap since the last blog, I noticed my last weekly blog was over 2 months ago, yikes! Sorry friends, life has been crazy busy, hoping to get back on track of blogging each week again. Many of you have been asking about why I haven’t been updating the blog & truth is I just haven‘t had a free second to write them, but should but able to start posting consistently now, so again really sorry.

A few weeks ago I went & saw the Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax. It was a really great movie with an awesome message in it. There was one part of the movie that was quoted from the classic book that really spoke volumes to me personally, the Lorax said this, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” He was saying this in regards to saving the environment & the chopping down of trees, but I think there is such a powerful message in this statement, that Dr. Seuss was trying to get in our hearts.

I’ve really just been looking at a lot of things going on in our world today & it sometimes can just get overwhelming & so disheartening. I’ve really been studying things over the last year like teen suicide, people battling depression, the human sex trafficking epidemic, people who are caught in abusive relationships & the children around the world who are dying everyday from starvation. So often we know about this stuff, we read about it, see it on tv, talk to others about it, but my question is, are we doing anything about it?

I think sometimes we have a bad habit as people of only being sincerely concerned about things that affect us directly. You know if it’s our family member who is sick we earnestly pray, or if something is happening to our child we do something, but so often if something terrible is happening in someone else’s world & it’s not affecting us, we never really do anything to change it. But what if it was your child suffering from not having enough to eat? What if it was your daughter who had been captured & was being raped by people in the sex trafficking world? What if it was your teen who was thinking everyday about ending their life because they were being bullied? Kind of changes the perspective a little bit doesn’t it?

The thing is I’m tired of, myself included, people saying “Let’s change the world” or “let’s make a difference” & it only being a cliché, not really something that they mean or are willing to do anything about. The reality of the statement by the Lorax is so true, unless we do something, starting with the finger pointing at our selves, nothing is going to change. We are currently seeking new ways of being involved with different organizations that will allow us to use our music & message to help with the efforts of some of these things that I have talked about & I am so excited about the opportunity to reach these people who need it most.

So my challenge to you is this when you see something going on that needs to change, maybe someone you work with in an abusive relationship, or a friend you know struggling with suicide or depression, or whatever, don’t just assume anything, step in get involved do something to change it! Don’t just watch the little child on the tv starving to death, sponsor one, make a difference. I pray that you will let this statement from the Lorax be at the center of your heart & mind, but let’s look at it a little different, let’s say it like this “Unless someone like ME cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 

Please feel free to leave comments & feedback, I love to hear from you all!


April 04, 2012 @07:28 am So true. Very often people don't want to get involved, but we need to, and should want to. Toni Hughes

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