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  • Jun 30

    Hamilton Assembly Of God


  • Jun 30

    Dixie Highway Christian Center


  • Jul 7

    Bridgepoint Community Church


  • Jul 7

    Higher Heights Church Of God


  • Jul 14

    Neighborhood Church Of God


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Wow what a way to start the Christmas tour this past weekend! It was truly amazing to see what God did at these 2 Christmas concerts in Wilmington, OH. The 1st concert at 1st Church Of God was so much fun, the people there were very friendly & welcoming. People luaughed & cried & were truly touched by the true message of Christmas the gift that God gave us in His son, Jesus. These people were really responsive which always makes singing so much more fun & easy. Also got some children sponsored through World Vision which always mean so much to me. From there we went to the Wilmington Church Of God, wow, what a great time we had there! They bussed in probably close to 200 kids that night for a pizza party & the concert & these kids were ecstatic! We ate pizza with them & then did the concert & the kids were screaming & cheering, they were the most excited crowd I have ever sang too probably. Then at the end of the night when the music was done, I told of the gift of slavation & gave the kids an oppurtunity to come forward & recieve Christ as Lord & Saviour & the kids as well as some adults flooded the altars, it was a sight to see, I would guess somewhere near 40 people got saved that night, I was so excited. I hope all the rest of the Christmas tour goes as well as the first 2 concerts did, hope to see you at one if you can make it! Merry Christmas

God Bless,

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