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  • Jun 30

    Hamilton Assembly Of God


  • Jun 30

    Dixie Highway Christian Center


  • Jul 7

    Bridgepoint Community Church


  • Jul 7

    Higher Heights Church Of God


  • Jul 14

    Neighborhood Church Of God


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Well another year has passed, hard to believe 2010 is over already & we're in the year 2011. Shouldn't we have spaceships & stuff we fly around in by now? Or at the very least a Hover Board? Anyway this past year was definitely a great year! Celebrated alot of great things that happened & was saddened by some losses & struggles as well. Probably 2 of the coolest things that stick out in my mind about this past year was that we saw God change hundreds of lives at the concerts we did this year, amazing things like people coming out of jail addicted to heroine coming down to pray for hours, teenagers accepting Christ & many other awesome things. We have been so blessed to have seen over 600 people make a decision to accept Christ at our concerts over the last 2 years or so, how great is that! Also found out that through our partnership with World Vision's ministry we have saved the lives of over 700 children, from getting wonderful people to join with us to reach out to these desperate children, so excited about that! We also had some struggles & losses this year as I have dealt with some serious health issues through out the year, & we lost some really close friends & family as well. My Grandpa Joe Tilley went to be home with Jesus on November 1st. He is missed everyday by many, he was one of the single greatest influences on my life & ministry, I could write a whole book about things he did to encourage me & how I saw God operate through his life. One thing I always think of though is how as a teenager when I first started really walking with God & going to church, EVERY time I went to the altar to pray at EVERY church service Pappy would kneel down next to me & pray for me, I can still hear him saying, "Lord use Jimmy to reach this world for You" I'm trying my best to live that prayer he prayed everyday. We lost other close friends & family but we know we will see them again someday. I am thankful for the wonderful things God did this past year, but even more excited to see what He has in store this year, I believe this is going to be the greatest year of ministry ever! Please continue to lift us up in prayer that God will open more & more doors for us to share this message of hope to a world who needs to hear it so desperately.

God Bless,

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