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Last week I had the privilege of doing the music at a VBS type of event called Sportscamp for about 250 kids, it was a blast! But as I have been doing more events with kids I’m starting to notice some things from the kids that we could learn from as adults. It makes me wonder what is it that changes in us & when does it occur in our lives that takes us from being one way as children to a completely different way when we’re older? Sure there are some things that need to change in us from kids to adults, but I think there are some things that maybe shouldn’t change but unfortunately do.

In Matthew 18:4 Jesus said this, “So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” I’m seeing more & more what Jesus meant. It’s funny watching the way adults react to God, worship & church versus the way a child does. It blows my mind to watch kids, how they are so unashamed to worship, excited about God & they truly believe that anything is possible & take the Bible for exactly what it says. On the other hand many times with adults you have to do everything but pull teeth just to get the smallest reaction from them or get them to worship, they have lost their excitement about God it’s just become routine & they seem to try to figure everything out instead of just believing what the Bible says, they’ve lost that child like innocence that believes anything is possible.

Jesus so often talked about childlike faith & the power it had & how that He wanted us as believers to have that same mentality as a child does. Jesus said except we be converted & become as a little child we should not enter into the kingdom of heaven. I believe He was talking about the very things I was talking about, casting off this know it all attitude to being totally depend on Him. To stop worrying about what others think of us & worship Him in spirit & in truth freely & unashamedly. Remember how when were kids we had so much life in us, so many dreams, what happened to us?

It did my heart so much good to look out at a sea of faces, when each song would start, that were smiling , excited to be there & sincerely wanting to worship God. Quite a change of pace from what I often see at churches where people look miserable like someone forced them to be there, wishing it would just end so they could leave. We can definitely learn a lot from watching these kids & I believe that God wants us to live as they do in the way we see Him. So let’s put aside our rules, regulations & traditions made of men & come before the Lord as a child full of excitement, believing anything is possible, & let God’s light shine through His children today!

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