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  • Jun 30

    Hamilton Assembly Of God


  • Jun 30

    Dixie Highway Christian Center


  • Jul 7

    Bridgepoint Community Church


  • Jul 7

    Higher Heights Church Of God


  • Jul 14

    Neighborhood Church Of God


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I should have done this weeks ago but life has been so busy & crazy this is the first free minute I’ve had to catch up on blogging, sorry. Well first I’d like to just kind of recap 09, in a word, wow! What an amazing year it was, definitely the greatest year of ministry God has blessed us with yet! We saw so many awesome things happen this year at concerts, on radio, just so many different avenues that God allowed us to share this life changing message & proven just like so many times before, it still works to change lives, mend broken hearts & set captives free. I’m not sure an exact total of how many were saved this year I kind of lost count as some of the responses were getting to be larger but I believe there were over 300 people saved in concerts this year, which is what makes this all worth while. Celebrated my 1st #1 song on Christian radio this year with a song I wrote for World Vision called "Be The Change" which was really exciting to see how this message challenged people all across the country to reach out to those in need. Speaking of World Vision another huge blessing was the fact that even in tough economic times we were still blessed to be able to help get more children sponsored this year than any other year so far, now that’s God! It always amazes me to see year after year how God supplies all of our needs even in the scary times when we’re not sure where it’s going to come from God shows up right on time. There were some of the usual bad parts parts too, equipment that broke, (You will be missed Sony MD, thou good a faithful servant, lol) dealing with some mean pastors & such but all that stuff seems insignificant compared to all the great things that happened. Now looking forward to 2010, I’m believing that this year will be even greater than last year, I’ve learned that if we follow God & trust him our best days are always ahead of us & not behind us, so that’s what I’m holding to for this year. We are kicking off a radio tour this year to sing in many new areas we have not been to before where "Be The Change" has been getting lots of airplay, so that will be fun. Also in the studio working on the new album "The Voice Of My Soul" which is due out in April, I’m really excited about this as it has been over & year and a half since I’ve released anything new & this album is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a black/urban gospel with some of my favorite songs of all time I think people will really be touched by some of the powerful messages in these songs. Working on new live show ideas, we’re incorporating some really neat stuff into the concerts off of the new album so make sure you stop in & catch a concert when I’m close by. Just so many great things happening & so much to look forward to, I’m keeping my hopes up high this year, expecting big things from God. I pray more lives will be changed this year than ever before & I pray God does something new in my life as well & takes me to levels in Him where I’ve never been before. Lastly congratulations to me, I hate typing & this is the longest blog I’ve ever done, thank you

God Bless,

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