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Have you ever read a book & as you’re reading it, it starts taking twists & turns, & you think to yourself, “this doesn’t seem to be making any sense. Where is this story going?” I think sometimes our lives can be that way too. Our lives many times are like a story unfolding a chapter at a time. Sometimes there are good times, sometimes there are bad times, & sometimes you fall into one of those chapters in your life where you say, “This doesn’t make any sense, where is this headed?”

The Bible tells us all of our days have been written in God’s book. He’s already recorded every part of your life from the beginning to the end. He knows every loss, every challenge & every disappointment. But the great news is your story will end in victory! The final chapter of your life will end with you fulfilling the destiny God has for your life.

The key to the story of our life is when you get to those parts when you go through loss & disappointment, don’t stay stuck on that page, keep moving forward, there’s another chapter in front of you. Sometimes we miss out on opportunities because we stay so focused on the things that didn’t work out, but you must move forward, leave it & go on. You’ve been stuck on that page for long enough, you’ve read that part of the story hundreds & hundreds of times, let it go & move on to the next chapter God has for your life.

You may not understand everything you’ve been through now, but if you’ll keep moving forward, knowing God is in control of your destiny, you will come to a chapter in your future that will make sense of it all & pull it all together to see the plan God has for your life.
I believe the upcoming chapters of my life & your life will be the best God has had for us yet!

Please feel free to leave comments & feedback I love to hear from you all.

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September 07, 2011 @04:20 pm I do wonder if where my life is going and what God has for me.I do ask if you would Pray for my marriage I need God to move on my behalf.My husband is on pills and he is lost,I have to watch him 24 hrs a day and nite.My thoughts says why do you put up with him aand I remember my vouls and it says for better and worse and I stay broken hearted.Please Pray for me we have been married 5yrs this yrs and it aint getting any better. naomi
September 02, 2011 @12:21 am I want to give a Praise report I asked God to move in my son behalf and I just knew if God didnt move there would be no way he could be free today.God moved and now he is free.I need your Prayers that God will still move in his behalf.I do believe that God ordors our footsteps and Im thankful for his Grace.Please Pray for me and my family.May God Bless you and your family naomi

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