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  • Jun 30

    Hamilton Assembly Of God


  • Jun 30

    Dixie Highway Christian Center


  • Jul 7

    Bridgepoint Community Church


  • Jul 7

    Higher Heights Church Of God


  • Jul 14

    Neighborhood Church Of God


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Well hello there friends, hope everyone is doing well. Well it's been a while since I've posted a blog, I'm really trying to be better about posting these, but sometimes it's hard to find time. Well the last time I wrote it was staring to get cold outside & now it's starting to get warm, HALLELUJAH! Send the nice weather Lord, ha ha. God has been good to me & my family this year we have seen great things happen & some sad things as well. We've had alot of canceled concerts from sickness & bad weather but I'm believeing the worst of the bad weather & flu viruses is behind me & I'm excited about many up coming concerts. I'm currently in the studio working on a new porject entitled "Half & Half" which I'm pretty excited about, it's going to be an album made up of half hymns & half worship songs done with just piano, I think there will be songs on this that will deffinately appeal to both old & young & everyone in between, the CD is due out in June or July. We lost a dear friend by the name of David who was a 17 year old boy battling with a rare form of blood cancer, I had done a benifit for him a few months ago & last week I recieved word that he passed from this life into his eternal healing in the arms of Jesus, though I was saddened & I know his family was, God reaasured me that he won the battle & is in heaven rejoicing cancer free! Praise God! God has also been really dealing with me personally to go to a new level as a Christian in light of the terrible tragedy that took place 2 days ago at Virgina Tech. We have the answer this world is looking for and needs & yet we are so silent & don't tell people about Jesus, I realized that this world is more evil than ever before & that truly it's only hope is Jesus & Him alone, & God is saying "Jimmy take my truth & hope to this world that so desperately needs it, not just by music but by your life everyday" Let's get serious about God & start spreading a message of hope that SO desperately needs it!

God Bless,

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