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Well it's finally Christmas time once again which has always been my favorite time of year since I was a little boy, I still get just as excited now as I did all those years ago! However there is a great concern to me that I see getting worse each year & that is how people no longer want to call Christmas what it is, but rather they want to use terms like Happy Holidays & other generic terms because they are afraid that the Christ in Christmas will offend some. I can't tell you how many Christmas events we went to last year where the theme was "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas, it really makes me angry. I can't help but think that I'm so glad that God was not offended at us over 2,000 years ago when He sent His only son that we might have hope & salvation through the greatest sacrifice this world has ever known, that Jesus would come to this Earth on that day so long ago & bring the greatest gift of all time. We certainly didn't deserve this & were so unworthy but the Christ of Christ loved each one of us enough that he went all the way from Heaven to Earth, & from the manger to the Cross, what amazing love! And to think that we have lost sight of what Christmas really is, we as believers need to let our voices be heard about what Christmas really is. It's funny that animal rights activists & people campaigning for homo-sexual rights aren't a bit quiet or ashamed about their causes but so often we as believers in Christ just sit back quietly & don't proclaim the truth to others because we're afraid people will think we're out of order, I say Oh Well we've got a job to do & it's time we do it! So this Holiday season as we're getting into the Christmas spirit don't forget what it's all about & don't forget to share the truth of Christmas with everyone you meet, that they too may know the true Joy of Christmas! I love all the lights, Christmas music, candy & gifts, but more than anything I love the Savior who it's all about, one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible is Luke 2:10,11 the part that says, For born unto you this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord, what a hope that verse gives knowing there is a Savior for all who call out to Him! I'm thankful I know that saving life changing power that angel spoke of that day & it's still as real today!

God Bless,

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