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Have you ever heard someone say something like this, “One day I’ll be happy when, I get a better job” or “I meet the right person” or “when I have more money”, fill in the blank with whatever, you’ve heard these kind of things before I’m sure. It seems that as people we sometimes have a tendency to always be living for the “One Day.” I believe we all should look forward to the future & plan for great things ahead, but we have to learn to be happy where we are & live for the now.

I’d like to talk to you about breaking away from the “one day” mentality & switching your way of thinking to the “now” point of view. Instead of saying that one day whenever this or that happens then life will be good, we must choose to know that God is already doing great things in our life right now! Sometimes we’re so focused on what hasn’t happened in our life, that’s all we see instead of looking at how blessed we are & what God is doing in our lives now. We sometimes miss the best moments in life because we’re so focused on this big goal we’re trying to reach, that we fail to see all the good things that are already happening on our way there.

Hebrews 11:1 says this “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Notice the word it uses, now, this tells me we shouldn’t get this one day I will be happy, one day God will move in my life attitude, no, now is the time to release your faith. Right now God is working in your life. Right now God is putting things in place to fulfill His plan for your life. Stay in the now if you want to activate God’s power in your life.

Remember when Lazarus had died & Jesus told Mary & Martha that He was the resurrection & the life, Martha responded yes Lord I know in the last days you will raise Lazarus again when we all go to heaven. But Jesus said, no I’m not talking about the last days, I’m talking about today, if you’ll roll that stone away, I’ll raise Lazarus back to life right now. Jesus was saying I am a right now God!

Often we just settle for the one day state of mind & go through life day to days looking for the better days ahead, but I challenge you to break free from that & start expecting great things to happen now. Believe that today God will do something great in your life. I’ve often learned it’s not the destination that makes our mission great, it’s the journey that it takes to get there that made it all worth while. Enjoy the journey, & live in the now moments of your life.

Please feel free to leave comments & feedback, I love to hear from you all.


July 15, 2011 @03:07 am This comment is not so much about your message, though in a way I guess it sort of is. I'm from Medway Christian Church, which you were recently at. I enjoyed your voice/songs. Even though I like/appreciate traditional church songs, I really can get into the more recent Christian music, should it be Michael Smith, Mercy Me, Skillet (they rock IMHO!), Red, etc... Songs that come straight from the author/songwriters heart, really seem to have more of something I'm not even sure how to put into words, at least not in a email. So what's my point? I got the chance to REALLY listen to your Jesus Music the other day. It's really funny in a way because so many people blast their songs/music, most of which I personally don't care for, but anyways... It always makes me want to crank up (much louder than I normally would) something Christian!!! I have yet to notice anyone cranking up something Christian. How about shouting out for Him peoples?!?!!? Your song made me think of all this. I even had my older son listen to it. He wasn't there last Sunday at church. He even asked what I thought about your singing. See he's not really into Christian music, not really even into church. GREAT sharing moment! He even seemed to like it. He's 19 and is often not really talkative or forthcoming. He may not be a "Jesus Freak," though I know God has a plan for him. Were not sure what it is at this point, though time should tell. I look forward to listening to more of your songs. Certainly they'll tell me something more about you, perhaps point out ways to be a better Christain and most importantly to learn more about the Father. Hope I didn't babble too much. Best wishes to you, your family and ministry. God Bless you! Vicki Vicki

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