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  • Apr 29

    Center Christian Church


  • Apr 29

    Greenfiled 3CU


  • May 6

    First Southern Baptist Church

    South Point

  • May 6

    High Praises Church Of God


  • May 13

    Germantown Church Of The Nazarene


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Really excited to let you all know we have began working on the new album! Yipee! We are currently in the studio recording all new stuff which is going to be different than anything I've ever released before. My ministry is getting ready to change direction in the way that we try to reach people, as well as partnering with some orginizations which will allow us to reach out to some hurting people that I feel have been overlooked & are in need of much help. This new music & ministry direction I believe will be the vehicle to allow us to do what God has been putting on my heart to do for years now. I can't really say a whole lot about what the new music & ministry will be yet as it will be a huge surprise, but just know it's going to be a huge step in the right direction, keep checking back for details & sneek previews of some of the new music in the next few months. Can't wait for you all to hear what we're working on, I think you'll be blown away.

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