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  • Jun 30

    Hamilton Assembly Of God


  • Jun 30

    Dixie Highway Christian Center


  • Jul 7

    Bridgepoint Community Church


  • Jul 7

    Higher Heights Church Of God


  • Jul 14

    Neighborhood Church Of God


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Hey there friends sorry it's been a while since I've had time to actualy write a blog, but I'm going to try to do better just been really busy! Well I just returned from my 7th trip to the National Quartet Convention, known as NQC, & as always it was alot of fun! We really had a blast usually I go down there to work mostly doing alot of co-writing, marketing, & networking but this year I took it alittle easier & mostly just had fun eating alot of junk food listening to others sing & just generaly goofing off, but it was a much needed time to relax! It amazed me some of the talent that I met this year & some of the best people you would ever want to meet too, it's really encouraging to meet other people who are truly focused on ministry & are out there trying to see lives changed through the message of the Gospel & I feel I met alot of those kind of people this past week. However it was a very tiring week & my poor feet are still recovering from all the walking all over the exhibit hall, lol, but that's OK it was worth it, sad to see another NQC over but glad to be home. It seemed to go very well this year, the crowds seemed larger & more responsive & there was just a very loving spirit among all who attended as well, looking forward to going back next year! Also we are still seeing many lives being changed at concerts over 120 in just over a year and a half, how awesome is GOD! We'll be kicking off the 07 Christmas tour in a feww shorts weeks & also I have began writing for my brand new CD which I will go into the studio to cut tracks for in December with a release date of probably around March of 08 & I'm so excited I think it will be my best CD yet!

God Bless,

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