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  • Mar 24

    Marietta Church Of God


  • Mar 24

    Evangelical Community Church

    Oak Hill

  • Mar 31

    Monroe Church Of The Nazarene


  • Apr 7

    Hamilton Dream Center


  • Apr 13

    Central Baptist Church (Night Time Easter Egg Hunt)


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Hello friends this month I wanted to write about something that God has really been putting on my heart lately is that is the difference & importance of stress versus trust. The other day I was just kind of sitting there meditating about all the stuff in my life, things I had to do, work I’m behind on, unfulfilled dreams, economic status of the nation & on & on. As I sat there just beginning to get more & more overwhelmed thinking about all these things as sure as anything I’ve ever know I heard God speaking to me & this was exactly what I hear in my spirit He said "Stress is coming in a way that people have never known before since the beginning of time, and only those who fully trust in me will make it through these times" It hit me like a ton of bricks. I look around as friends, family, & myself are experiencing stress & pressure from life like never before & I then realized I’m really going to have to start Trusting the Lord & fully taking him at His word instead of worrying all of the time. Jesus said who can add one cubit to his stature by worrying, in other words what He was saying is that worrying doesn’t change anything, as a matter of fact I believe it does the opposite it brings negativity into our life, makes us unhealthy & sometimes shortens our life. I’ve learned we’ve got to start trusting the Lord & believing that He is our source to go to no matter what we need & what I’m learning day by day is that when I put my problems in His hands & seek Him things change! I have a saying that I try to live by & it is this when things don’t look the way they should I will pray until they do, so the next time you start getting stressed out & overwhelmed just learn to stop stressing & start trusting & you will come out ahead, God will do what you can not do.

God Bless,

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