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We often talk about what some of the major “killers” are in today’s society, things like heart disease or cancer, but over the past couple of years I’m seeing something that is becoming catastrophic to our world today & it’s suicide. I believe has become more of a problem than most people even realize, it’s not just the down & out anymore that struggle with it, it’s also the successful business person, the person with the perfect family, the teen who appears to have everything they could ask for in their future, these people have all become targets of spirit of suicide.

Doing what I do, traveling across the country singing & ministering, I have a lot of people who will come up to me after a concert or send me an email telling me their stories & struggles. Two of the biggest problems I see people dealing with today are depression & suicide. It just absolutely blows my mind to find out how many people are dealing with these things. I started realizing this a few years ago & God began to put a burden on my heart to do something about it, earlier this year I made that commitment to God to use our ministry to battle this problem head on. Last week I posted a message on Facebook asking how many people had personally battled with suicide or were directly affected by a close friend or family who had committed suicide, it was an overwhelming response, I even had people send me some of their personal stories of horrible battles they have been through with this awful problem. I think it’s a process that sets in people & they don’t even realize it at first then more & more discouragement gets piled on them, until they find themselves so depressed they lose the will to live & it just takes that one little thing to send them over the edge, so think about that the next time you want to get mean & hateful toward someone they might already be standing at that edge just waiting for the mental push to send them over, don’t let that person be you who does that to them.

I’m getting ready to switch our ministry in a different direction, over the next year, to reach a different demographic of people & one of the main focuses of my new ministry is going to be dealing with the issue of suicide. We are going to partner with a few suicide organizations to help combat this problem, also taking our music & message into public schools, colleges, church camps & anywhere we can get a foot in the door to share a message of hope with these people. I’m currently working on a new album, which I’m super excited about, & some of the songs on the album will deal with the issues of depression & suicide, so that we can put this music into the hands of people who are struggling with these things to give them hope.

Please pray for our ministry as we jump into this new territory to reach people who so desperately are in need of help. And please don’t ever assume anything about anyone, you never know who might be going through this, it may even be those friends & family who are closest to you, so always look for those signs & be extra careful how you treat people. If you are dealing with these problems, please let someone know, or please let me know so that I can pray for you or I’d even be glad to talk with you, feel free to send me an email at all emails & messages will be confidential & shared with no one. Let’s stop this terrible force that is destroying lives in the power of Jesus name.

Please feel free to leave feedback & comments I love to hear from you all.


July 30, 2011 @08:35 am Hi Jimmy, I applaud you with this new direction for your ministry. I agree that there are many people who could benefit and who would appreciate knowing that someone cares about the issues they are dealing with. -- John John Dargan

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