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Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten to blog, sorry for the missed weeks. One of the main reasons I missed a few weeks is that I was on vacation, woo hoo! Had a great time relaxing & being with family, it was a much needed time of rest.

Being on vacation got me to thinking about one of my all time favorite movies called “What About Bob?” This movie is hilarious, it’s about a multiphobic psychiatric patient who follows his successful psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin on vacation. One of the main parts of the movie is that his psychiatrist writes Bob a prescription to “take a vacation from his problems.” Even though this is a funny movie, there’s really a lot of good sense in that idea.

If you’re at all like me, life can get really stressful, even tiresome at times with all the things we get weighed down with in our everyday life. So many people go day to day focused on & beat down by all the problems that are going on in their life. Sure we’re all going to have problems, but when the problems have us & control our lives then there’s, well,  you guessed it, a problem. What if we could just leave our problems behind us for a few days or a week like we do our home when we leave for vacation? Wouldn’t that be great? Just put it in the rear view mirror of life & enjoy life for a while! The good news is we can!

What if we trusted God enough that we could leave our burdens, worries & frustrations in His hands, & say “Ok God it’s all in your hands now, I’m not gonna worry about it any more, I’m putting this stress behind me & I’m focusing on enjoying life right now.” Maybe that’s what you need to do today. You’ve focused on your situations & problems so long it has made you weary, now you just need to forget about the problems, & begin to focus on enjoying life again. It’s so easy for our focus to shift toward negativity & then we become a product of our focus, we become negative. Maybe today you just need to get a new focus, don’t focus on your problems, focus on the problem solver. Know that no matter what it is going in your life, God is not surprised, He already knows about it, & I guarantee you He’s not at all worried.

So I challenge you today to do as Bob did, get a new perspective, take a vacation from your problems, let them be God’s to handle, stop worrying & start trusting & I think you’ll see some brighter days ahead!

Please feel free to leave comments & feedback, I love to hear from you all!


June 09, 2011 @07:15 pm Thank you Dr. Marvin. Your point is well taken. Love ya! Deb
June 09, 2011 @05:42 pm Vacation is a wonderfull reason not to blog,Jimmy!!!!! Dave McCullough
June 09, 2011 @02:07 pm Glad you got to vacation. You seem to work very hard for the Lord and I know he expects you to take care of yourself too. Ellen Ruth

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