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The Power Of Thoughts & Words

Hey, Jimmy Dooley here!

Ever heard someone say something like this, “I know it won’t work” or “They’ve always been that way they will never change”? I’m sure we’ve all said or heard people say things like this in our lives very often.

As I go through my life & say things like this myself or hear someone else say these types of things I’m starting to learn a very important lesson. The lesson is this there is so much power in our words & thoughts. I’m realizing that a lot of times in our lives good things or bad things don’t just happen by circumstance, they happen because they are a direct result of what we believe will happen & what we’re speaking into our life whether it’s for the good or the bad.

Recently I was having a very bad week one of those weeks where it just seemed like each day got a little worse, you know what I’m talking about, finally one day I was sitting there reflecting on the end of another bad & discouraging day & it hit me, I had expected the day to go wrong before it even started. As I replayed the day over in my head it was like I had already defeated myself before the day even really began. I was anticipating things to not go my way, speaking negatively about my situations, & sure enough that’s exactly what happened. God said to me, “you got what you expected.” So the next day I changed my mind set, decided not to speak negatively & made the decision I was expecting good things to happen, & guess what I had a great day!

The scripture tells us we will eat the fruit of our words. Maybe you’re not where you want to be today, but could it be because of the words & attitudes you’ve had in the past? If you’ve said things like “I’ll never rise any higher, I’ve gone as far as I can go” or “I’ve been unhealthy for so long I’ll never feel well again.” Those words will hold you right where you are & control your outcome. The Bible says that we’re snared by the words of our mouth & I’m convinced that sometimes the lives we live are restricted by our words.

I’m learning this we’re not supposed to talk about the way we are, we’re supposed to talk about the way we want to be. God tells us we are more than conquerors, we may not feel like it, it may not look like it, but guess what, God said it, so all we have to do is believe it, not by what our circumstances currently look like but by what God promised. One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible says that we have to call the things that are not as if they already were. We have the power to speak victory into our future, but on the same token, if we have the wrong attitude, we can speak defeat into it as well.

So don’t speak defeat over your life, speak words of victory over your life today. We give life to our faith when we speak about our dreams. Our words & thoughts directly affect what we achieve & become. So agree with me today that we’re not gonna speak words of defeat & negativity over our life or our families life, we’re speaking words of hope, victory & blessing over our lives. Start your day tomorrow not expecting to have a bad day at work or school, but expect a great day & say, “God I thank you that I will have a great day because You gave me this day, I’m in your hand & good things are in store for my life today.” Change your way of thinking & what you’re speaking into your future & see if things don’t turn around for you.

Please feel free to leave comments & feedback I love to hear back from you all!

God Bless,
Jimmy Dooley Ministries


March 16, 2011 @11:30 pm Hello there thanks for your email some things you were talking about I heard growing up in Church.I need your Prayer Satin is rideing my back and it feels as if Im sinking in sand.My husband is un Saved and its hard to try to do the right thing when he always saying bad words.I hear them in my head and I feel as if Im sinning.My walk with God has been a test and I know I let God down and Ineed to get back in the right walk so i dont lose out on Heaven.Liveing with someone that is lost is hard.When the say the devil know's how to push your bottons thye said it right.Just Pray that I get my life back on track with God.Thanks again for emailing me. naomi
March 16, 2011 @05:10 pm Thanks for that Jimmy. I have been down for a little while. I am trying to get into the ministry but things have not worked out. One time I told myself I was not cut out for the ministry. God told me that it was up to him not me. I will try to be more positive with my attitude about ministry. I know things will rise when I start the day off with joy and a good attitude. Pat Drahmann
March 16, 2011 @12:46 pm I agree with you Jimmy.I have a heart condition and when I first found out I was disabled I moped around feeling like life was over.The job gone,no income,no health care,what to do about my family.I lost hope but I lost sight of what I really am well with the help of family,friends,some churches and my wife telling me you are still my hero no matter what I came out of that and am doin more work for the lord than ever before.I just needed put in my place and Satan tryed his best but with Gods and the others I mentioned I am not beat down anymore and wake up evryday looking forward to everything God has in store for me.Our pastor told me at least 25 times thru all that,Brother it won't always be this way and you know what he is right.The way your attitude is ,is all about you and you control that!!!!!!! Dave McCullough
March 16, 2011 @11:58 am Well said, Thank's for you'r wisdom, you truely are helping those's in dieing need of Hope. God has created us from his owen hand. As we change each and every day of our life's (Sometime's not even relizeing it) We fall from God's Grace. Jimmy you have showed not just me but other's that we can have this Grace and have what God promised in our life's. Im reminded of ... In all of our speech we should strive to build up each other. Ephesians4:29 tells us to avoid unwholesome talk and to only let helpful talk come out of our mouths...A good reminder of a smiple way of retraining our mind's our way of thinking...Thank's again for all you share and do for us.. STEVE
March 16, 2011 @10:53 am I totally agree! We should not think how our day is going to be the night before and look to God for his help. Melissa H.
March 16, 2011 @07:36 am That was awesome, Jimmy. Loved reading it. And there's a verse in Proverbs that goes right along with this; "Where there is no vision, the people perish" Proverbs 29:18. We can't live without having the faith to see or create a vision of what is to come. Melanie
March 16, 2011 @06:58 am That is so true. If we could really realize what we say can hurt us. Thanks for sharing. Zack says "hi". Have a blessed day! Susie Wrzesinski
March 16, 2011 @03:14 am that's why I really like the song you sing, it's one of those days, where things go right. sometimes it's how we look at things. BTW, where can I download that song and it's lyrics? Martha Wilson

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