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Well hope you all are doing well & staying warm in this frigid weather. A big thanks to all who participated in the 1st ever V-Day contest, it was a huge success, really enjoyed everyone's stories. The winner was sent to me by April Biddle, it was a touching story about her parents & how they stayed together in spite ofsome tough times, here is the story she sent to me so you can know that backgorund before you hear the song in a few weeks.

         "I am not writing this story about me or my husband but instead a couple who has inspired me. They have shown me that no matter what you can get through anything. My mom and Stepdad! Married almost 20 years. He walked into a full family he had 5 kids of his own she had 3. His was grown my moms was still very young one being an infant! My mom was trying to get her life back together after the divorce of my father and her. She was hosting bible study at your small apartment with her mom's help. He showed up to the bible study with his sister who at the time was friends with my Grandmother they went to church together. It happened to be they were the only single people there. He asked her to go for coffee after the study she went. They started to slowly date from there a yr later on August 3rd he walk in and asked her what are you doing tonight? She said nothing why, he asked her to marry him that very night with the help of one of his minister friends named Kenny. they got married in the living room of the pastors home. He had to start all over again raising kids and kids that was not his. While out mowing grass one day he had a heart attack, that only started his health problems. He slowly started to drink again then one day he was pulled over for a DUI and that with the help of AA he stopped he even carried the rock for a long time. From there he fought cancer in the throat. A year later my mom would almost lose her life, Drs went in to do a heart cath and they almost lost her on the table had the nurse not been paying attention my mom would not be with us today! As she was recoverying from Open heart surgery another yr would go by with them thinking things will get better. Then another cancer this time in the lungs they removed 2/3rds of my stepdads lungs to remove the cancer. Chemo was rough he was in and out of the hospital for dehydration. just 2 yrs ago my stepdad was diagnosed with lung cancer again this time they did radiation. While going through all this chemo therapy he also became unable to walk due to Spinostenosis, which left him in severe pain and many days unable to get out of bed.
         May of 2010, A diagnoses of liver cancer would be the end to this love story, we had just 10 days to say good bye and kept praying God would heal him this time not modern medicine. On June 3rd, I sat in a crowded nursing home room, watching the man who raised me, love my mom slowly slip into God's hands. My mom held his hand till she couldnt hold him no longer. I watched her tears slowly fall from her face and unto his hands.
         I noticed after his death how many things my parents have gone through and how if they could make it through the things they did well me and my husband could make it through anything. Looking back times were not always easy for them, often we barely had money to put food on the table but the love they showed each other and us was something many kids today dont experience. Health and wealth may have not been there for them but their love and God's love never let either one down!
         They have inspired me, I hope they can inspire you to make a song of their love story."

Be sure to check back as I will have a video of the song on this site on Feb 13th.

God Bless,

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