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  • Nov 26

    Stone Valley Church (Christmas Tour)


  • Nov 26

    Home Ave First Church Of God (Christmas Tour)


  • Dec 3

    Marietta Church Of God (Christmas Tour)


  • Dec 10

    Mount Orab First Baptist Church (Christmas Tour)

    Mount Orab

  • Dec 10

    Manchester Church Of The Nazarene (Christmas Tour)


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Well as many of you may or may not know about 3 months ago I lost my voice & went through a terrible time of throat & vocal problems, it was rough. At the time I lost my voice I had just went into the studio to work on some new music & had to come to a sudden hault. Well finally my voice is completely healed & back to normal, Thank You Lord! So next week I will head back into the studio & get back to writing & recording new music that will be out later this year. Be sure to check back as there is some major exciting changes coming to my music & ministry, I'm really, really excited about the direction God is leading me in & believe we will be able to reach more people with the Gospel than ever before. After not being able to sing for such a long time I have learned to never take my voice for granted again!

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