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As I’m out on the road singing I have many people who ask for prayer & share their story with me about what’s going on in their life, or people will send me an email for the same reason. One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years is that people are really going through some hard times today. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when we go through these times, trust me I know, I’ve been there many times myself. I think it’s because so many times our focus is on the problem that we’re facing instead of being on the one who solves our problems. I’ve found when we get our focus on how big God is, our problems start looking a lot smaller in comparison to that God that created this whole universe that is more than able to do far above anything that we could ever ask!

Sometimes people get into this mental mindset of being defeated, they’re never going to see there situation get any better because they’ve already defeated their self in their mind. If we’re not careful we can talk our self into being discouraged & going around with a defeated mentality. Instead what we need to do is tell our self what God’s word already promised us. We’re not defeated, the Bible tells us that we are more than conquerors through Christ! So when that little voice inside says, “It’s never going to get any better, it’s not going to change, just give up” tell your self, no that’s not what my Bible tells me, my Bible says I’m going to make it!

As Christians we need to stop going around with this “It might get better” mindset, we need to walk in faith with a “No doubt about it, I’m going to make it” mindset. Try this & see what God will do in your life. I’m learning more & more God does not operate in areas of wavering uncertainty, He operates in situations where people have an unshakeable faith. That’s what we should have as Christians is an unshakeable faith. We need to say “Sure things still may not appear to look any different right now, but my faith will not change because I already know what God has promised me, & if He promised it I know it will happen regardless of what has or hasn’t happened.”

I know in my own life there are times I get my faith built up & then things go wrong or it seems like nothing is changing & then my faith starts weakening a little bit, but we shouldn’t be that way. We have to be consistent in our faith, in the good times & the bad times we must choose to trust God anyway. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite scripture which is John 16:33, it talks about the overcoming power that Jesus gave us. He tells us in this verse to be of good cheer, because He has already overcome this world, & if He overcame this world He has also made us overcomers! So let’s begin to take on an overcomer attitude, I challenge you today to say to your battles, struggles, trials & storms “You won’t overcome me, because Jesus has made me the overcomer. I am not the victim, through Christ I am the victor!” God didn’t create us to be overcome by problems, He created us to overcome problems.

Many of you have followed the story about the young man, Chris Taylor that I wrote the song for who died in a car wreck. Chris was such an example of an overcomer to so many, I have posted his video below I hope it encourages you & helps you to see that you too, through God’s help can overcome anything going on in your life today. Keep your head up, keep your faith up & know that no matter what you’re going through God is going to help you to overcome. I promise you can make it!

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