Sharing the hope of Jesus to a hurting & hopeless world through music is the mission of Jimmy Dooley. The purpose of Jimmy's music is not be known, but to make Jesus known in the hearts of others.

Jimmy Dooley began singing around the age of 5 at his grandfather’s church. By the age of 14, Jimmy began preaching. It wasn’t until the age of 17 that Jimmy felt called into the music ministry to sing. But strangely, Jimmy became seriously ill. He was hospitalized and his condition continually grew worse until the doctors gave him only a few months to live. They could never officially diagnose him, but with his deteriorating health it was only a matter of time before his body would give in and fail. But Jimmy and his family never gave up hope and through prayers and faith God healed him. Jimmy has been sharing this personal testimony ever since.

Jimmy busted into the Christian music scene when he co-founded a progressive Gospel mixed trio. The group recorded two albums that featured many songs written by Jimmy, including a few songs that did really well on Christian radio. After a few years, Jimmy felt called to part ways with the group to develop his own music ministry.

In 2002, Jimmy married his longtime fiancé April. April has devotedly supported Jimmy’s musical endeavors and is faithfully seen at every performance. They are practically inseparable and since their marriage they have never spent a night away from each other, which is something not many married couples can say. In 2014 they welcomed their first child, Myra Sue Dooley. In 2017 they had a second baby, Noah Benson Dooley. Myra & Noah travel with Jimmy & perform at his concerts with him.

During the next few years, Jimmy filled in with many Christian Music groups and made quite a name for himself as a versatile and talented performer. His solo ministry flourished and he performed at just about every kind of venue, from churches to fairs, civic centers to youth rallies, revivals and everything in between. Jimmy also started his own recording studio called Cross Connection Studio, where he began producing, writing and recording many of today’s up-and-coming gospel artists.

Jimmy continued writing songs and has become a songwriter to watch in gospel music. He has written many songs for other artists, including several hits for some of Christian music biggest artists.

Jimmy has released several albums worldwide over the past 15 years including
STRONGER Than That (2017), Songs In The Key Of Me (2015), Acoustically Speaking (2012), The Voice Of My Soul (2010), Jesus Music (2008), Jimmy Dooley LIVE (2008), Half & Half (2007), The Cross Is My Christmas Tree (2006), Things Are Looking Different (2006), The Gift Of Christmas (2004)

Since the beginning of Jimmy’s music career, he has made ‘making a difference’ the focal point in his ministry. His goal is to first and foremost see the lost accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior but also to encourage the discouraged. Jimmy states, “I really feel like this is becoming a big part of the ministry God is using me in, inspiring me to write songs like “I Survived” that hit home with just about everybody who has faced a hard time or tragedy in their life whether they are Christians or non-Christians.”

Without a doubt, Jimmy Dooley is something better in gospel music. With a new album and new doors being opened, things are looking brighter than ever before for this young man as he continues to grow in his ministry and touch even more lives through the power of Christ. Jimmy’s presence in the music industry is definitely something different, and something that will surely be around for many years to come!