What a marvelous joy and privilege it was to have Jimmy Dooley sing for us and lead us into worship. I booked him thinking we'd get just another concert and instead he led us into the presence of God where everyone had a genuine worship experience. Jimmy has the ability to minister to old and young alike (which is a rarity in these days). I and the good people of Indian Lake Northside Church of the Nazarene heartily endorse and recommend the ministry of Jimmy Dooley to one and all. Everyone here at Indian Lake COTN can hardly wait for him to return again. May the Lord bless His ministry in a mighty way. God Bless The Ministry of Jimmy Dooley!

Dr. Timothy Johnson and Rev. Gloria Johnson
Lead Pastor and Pastor of Biblical Counseling
Indian Lake Northside Church of the Nazarene
Lakeview, OH

If you are looking for someone to come and sing a great concert, don't call Jimmy Dooley. Now if you want someone to come and lead you in a Spirit-filled time of worship that will ignite a fire in your church, call Jimmy. Oh and by the way, this man can sing! Boy, can he sing. Jimmy Dooley has his priorities right. In the Christian singing world, that is hard to come by. Jimmy sings for the Lord and will bring you into a time of worship, which is more important than just giving a good concert!

Doug Morgan
Nilles Pointe Baptist Church
Fairfield, OH

Jimmy Dooley did an excellent job in ministering to our church through Word and song. He has the ability to include people in the service as well as ministering to all ages. The first thing our people asked after he left was when are we going to have him again.

Paul K. Watkins
Northridge Church of the Nazarene
Dayton, OH

Working in the music industry as both an artist and a record company employee, I have always been looking for new songs, and new writers with a fresh idea on how to tell our story in a fresh way, but keep the message Biblically based. I was introduced to Jimmy a couple years ago and loved his writing. It is written in a way that speaks to today's issues as a Christian. Jimmy's songs are not only catchy musically in style, but also in lyric content. The edgy Contemporary/Christian Country style catches your ear, while the lyrics catch your heart.

I have sat and talked with Jimmy and know he not only writes songs to entertain, but more so to minister to the listener. Though you may not think at first that his style would reach past the young people, older people are enjoying his songs as well!

Jimmy has written songs that are being recorded by some of today's most popular artists including the title cuts on Ivan Parker's last two CDs, Under Grace and his brand new recording That Was Then, This Is Now. When you catch the ear of Ivan Parker and Roger Talley, you know you have a song that is more than just an ordinary song. I highly recommend Jimmy to you. I believe God will bless your heart as you listen to him share through music.

Greg Bentley
A&R Director
Crossroads Marketing & Entertainment
Arden, NC

Jimmy Dooley has come to our church numerous times - and each time we have enjoyed an amazing service. Jimmy is an anointed singer and songwriter. He has a special way of allowing the Spirit of God to work through him. I highly recommend Jimmy to your church!

Paul L. Dazet
Bethel Church of the Nazarene
Bethel, OH

Jimmy Dooley performed at a Music Fest in McCordsville, IN and was a blessing to all. He truly has a God-given ministry. He did a wonderful job inspiring people to take a look at traditional gospel as well as contemporary music. He is a true and honest person who one would be privileged to meet. God will always bless him while he is doing the work of the Lord!

Jesse Flood
Woodbury Community Church
McCordsville, IN

Jimmy Dooley is an amazing musician. His music as well as his testimony truly touched the hearts of many in our congregation. It was very clear to us all that Jimmy has a great gift musically and spiritually from the Lord that we all were blessed to share with him. It was a wonderful blessing to have him at our church.

Crystal Young
Youth Pastor
Community Church of the Nazarene
Batavia, OH

Jimmy is one of my favorite songwriters today. He is an awesome, anointed composer with the voice and heart to share with others what God speaks to him. His unique gift is refreshing and is blessing people all over our country. I'm thrilled to call him friend and brother and look forward to watching him reach his highest potential as one of this generation's treasures.

Phil Cross
Legendary Singer and Songwriter
Ringgold, GA

Jimmy is a creative songwriter and a talented musician. He has a great voice, and an even greater heart for the Lord, which is clearly evident through his songs which celebrate the Christian journey and the joy of salvation! I'm glad to call him a friend and fellow servant of Christ.

Marc Eckel
Performance Artist and Event Administrator
Splat Experience
Claypool, IN

As a fellow songwriter, I'm honored to say that I've worked with Jimmy personally and he is without a doubt one of today's brightest people. Jimmy has a servant's heart and his humility and wisdom show in his songwriting and his singing ministry. He is a blessing in my life because of his fresh view on life in general. In a world where everyone is looking for all the negative things, it's great to hear someone who has not only found the positive in Christ, but chooses to live there. For encouragement, a breath of fresh air in a somewhat "stale" society...look no further than Jimmy Dooley.

Stephanie Brown
Singer and Songwriter
Jody Brown Indian Family
Robbinsville, NC

Though I've only known Jimmy Dooley for a short time, I've come to highly respect Jimmy as an artist and as an person. I've found him to be an extremely humble and grateful individual with the talents that God has entrusted him with. I stand in awe at the writing talents of this young man, who writes well beyond his years. Jimmy is an excellent singer, songwriter and musician and truly has a heart for God and a heart for ministry.

James Hales
Staff Writer
Durham, NC

The feedback was greatly positive in having Jimmy come and lead us in worship. Although we didn’t know exactly what to expect, we were exceptionally pleased with how he presented the gospel message through music and word. He has appeal to all ages and is versatile. He is a skilled musician and has a good sense of humor. Above all he is a Christian called to ministry and is gifted in reaching people for Jesus Christ.

Kirk Peterson
Trinity United Methodist Church
Milford, OH

What a joy it was to host Jimmy Dooley at a recent Sunday morning worship celebration! Every part of his ministry, from his ease in getting set-up to his balanced and well-prepared repertoire of meaningful and enjoyable songs, was absolutely fantastic. Young and old alike came to me and said, “Let’s have that guy back again!” I assure you, we will.

C. Franklin James
Christ United Methodist Church
Portsmouth, OH