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Jimmy Dooley In Concert!

Brookville Church Of The Nzarene, 11511 Upper Lewisburg-Salem Rd., Brookville, OH


Jimmy Dooley In Concert!

Mt Holly Christian Chapel, 2141 State Rt East Ohio Pk, Amelia, OH


Jimmy Dooley In Concert!

Flagg Springs Baptist Church, 12247 Flagg Springs Pike, California, KY

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"Jesus Doesn't Go To Church Here Anymore" 

As I travel around the country & sing at all different types of churches in different areas, something has become more & more clear to me over the past few years, many churches have a problem! Not all churches, but many churches have a major problem today & the problem is not financial or a problem with their programs & activities, the problem is a lot of churches don't have Jesus there anymore. The people in them merely come because it's a routine of what they do on Sunday but they have totally lost…

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What Stained The Cross 


Reflecting today on the amazing love that God had for us, in that He sent His only son to suffer & die a cruel & painful death so that we might live. No matter how many movies we watch or how many times we read the story I'm sure our minds will never quite fathom what Jesus truly went through on that Good Friday over 2,000 years ago. Wanted to share these lyrics with you to a song I wrote with a few other writers several years ago that talks about that event that happened so long ago, yet still changes…

Don't Let Your Dream Die 


I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams lately. Recently I watched a movie called “Won’t Back Down” it was a really inspirational movie that dealt with having a dream & the many obstacles we encounter along the way. I watched as these 2 ladies tried so hard to achieve the dream they had set out to reach only to have many set backs & what looked like impossible situations that stood between them & their dream. In the beginning they were so excited, enthusiastic & positive but you could watch as the journey…

You Are Good Enough! 

I often get a lot of emails from people who feel unaccepted & feel like they are rejected due to not being "good enough" by other people's standards. Boy can I ever relate to that! I have struggled with it my whole life, feeling inadequate or like I'm not "good enough" at something, but there comes a point where we have to realize that God made us exactly who He wanted us to be. He made us look the way we do, have the abilities, dreams & talents He has given each one of us because He has a great plan for…

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Walk On The Water 


Can you imagine how Peter must have felt as he stood on the boat looking out into the sea? Off in the distance he sees Jesus telling him to come out to where He is, but between him & Jesus he sees darkness, the storm & the waves beating against the boat. He knew Jesus was telling him to take a step of faith out into the water, but can you imagine the fear that gripped his heart looking at everything else going on around him? I’ve never walked on water before but I would have to think that would have…

The Same God Who Opens Doors Also Closes Them 


Have you ever prayed for God to open a door for you, but for some reason or another the opportunity didn’t work out & the door didn’t open? In those times sometimes we feel disappointed & wonder why it didn’t work out & it can be easy to get discouraged. But did it ever occur to you that the very same God who opens doors is the same God who closes them? I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to wait for things, if I am pursuing something in my life I am ready for it to happen right then & there. I…

Don't Live A "What Might Have Happened?" Life 


Have you ever heard someone say the phrase, “I wonder what might have happened if….?” I consider myself to be a pretty brave person, I don’t have too many fears in this life, but one fear I do have, maybe even my greatest fear, is reaching the end of my life & having to ask the question “What might have happened?” I think that would be the worst thing, to look back over my life & know that I didn’t fulfill my purpose that God had planned for me. This is something I often struggle with & I know many…

A Lesson Learned From The Lorax 

Well 1st off let me apologize for the time gap since the last blog, I noticed my last weekly blog was over 2 months ago, yikes! Sorry friends, life has been crazy busy, hoping to get back on track of blogging each week again. Many of you have been asking about why I haven’t been updating the blog & truth is I just haven‘t had a free second to write them, but should but able to start posting consistently now, so again really sorry.

A few weeks ago I went & saw the Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax. It was a really…

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Congrats To Our Winners Of This Year's V-Day Contest, Here's Their Story 

Well I want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in this year's V-Day Contest it was a huge success! But there can only be one winner & this year our winners are Chris & Stephanie Halcomb! Congrats to you both! We picked their story because it really showed what it means to stick together through thick & thin & I thought that was great. Their song will be posted on here next week so be sure to check back to hear the song & watch the video, but in the mean time here is their story so that…

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God Doesn't Let It Happen, We Do 

Recently I attended a World Vision conference in Nashville, it was awesome! The theme of the event was “Use Your Voice, Do Good.” Which basically talked about how we should use our talents, skills, platform & resources to make an impact in our world for the good. God has blessed everyone of us with different abilities & resources to help others, what are we doing with them? A man said something that really stuck with me, he said people often ask him, “If God was such a loving God, then why does He let all…

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