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If you have purchased a new car recently, you will have discovered that most have no CD players! A flash drive is the answer. It is a small, digital, portable device that will store hours of music and still fit in the palm of your hand! With this flash drive, you can take the Jimmy's music with you! There are 10 albums, including 2 different Christmas albums, on this stick featuring well over 100 songs! Plus additional single releases never before released on any of Jimmy's previous albums! In addition to all of the music you will also find lyrics to the songs, videos & more! Also there is extra space on the flash drive so you can add more songs if you choose. Just plug the flash drive into the USB port in your computer or car and sing along! (Albums on the thumb drive include Church Stuff, STRONGER Than That (Deluxe Edition), The Key Of Me, Acoustically Speaking, The Voice Of My Soul, Jesus Music, Jimmy Dooley LIVE, Half & Half, Things Are Looking Different, The Cross Is My Christmas Tree, The Gift Of Christmas)

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